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About Us

History of Rangam Technologies

Rangam Technologies is a Somerset, New Jersey based company that over the last several years has developed deep collaborations with pre-eminent experts in the field of Autism. Autism Speaks, leading child-development experts like Dr. Michael Lewis/RWJ University hospital, Eden, ECLC, Easter Seals, New Jersey Institute of Technology and many more leading educators have allowed us to tap into their collective expertise of several hundred years. That in turn has encouraged us to invest heavily into developing first-of-a-kind solutions for the entire life-cycle needs of individuals with special needs. The solutions include a technology platform with application systems for early screening, assessment and intervention, hardware gadgets with game based technology, hands-on and self-sufficient hydroponic farming and an exclusive jobs portal for Special Needs applicants populated with jobs listed by many Fortune 100 companies.


ColorsKit is a product of collaboration and innovation. In order to keep adding value to special education products and services, we would like to work with parents, teachers, experts, BCBA professionals, public policymakers and researchers that are closely associated with those affected by autism. We firmly believe that for ColorsKit to have its intended impact on health care and education industries, it must involve:

  1. Parents who have accurate knowledge of exactly what their children need
  2. Teachers who are familiar with the challenges faced by school districts
  3. Experts who help us develop and customize app content in accordance with varied learning needs of people with autism
  4. BCBA professionals who provide ABA services and are well aware of the nitty-gritty of early autism intervention
  5. Public policymakers who are responsible for bringing changes in the way autism is managed and funded
  6. Researchers who probe the mysteries of autism and come up with new findings