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ColorsKit and Teachers

Cost-effective, Proven Autism Resources for Teachers.
An ever-growing library of teacher-friendly apps for children with autism is available.
There has probably never been a greater demand for cost-effective autism resources for teachers than in recent times. Latest figures churned out by the Center for Special Education Finance reveal that special education costs are on a steep rise of late, with public special needs schools in the U.S. spending twice or thrice the amount of money mainstream schools spend on each student. In some states, the annual cost for autism can be as high as $30,000 per student. When it comes to private schooling, the cost of special education can be beyond the affordable limits for the masses. A 30% increase in the number of enrollments in special education programs over the past decade has contributed to the spike in special education cost in the country. Thankfully, a wide variety of apps for children with autism have been of great help to special education teachers and professionals across the country.
ColorsKit and Teachers
Outlining the Challenges
So with the number of students increasing rapidly, the education system is facing massive hurdles to chalk out individualized education programs for each child while remaining within the confines of funding restrictions. Quite often, setting up the right infrastructure makes a hole in the education budget of a school system.
Empowerment for Teachers
ColorsKit was developed with the objective to offer a less expensive special education model to schools – without compromising with the quality of education, of course. Other than mobile devices, the program can also be set up on the Windows OS and kiosk. Even for a well-established school system with reliable educational resources, ColorsKit can add simplicity and fun to the learning environment and help students develop different motor, cognitive and social skills.
– Children learn to interact with their peers while playing at the kiosk or on apps and tablet computers
– Colorful programs come with simple instructions in kids’ language, helping young learners comprehend and complete the assigned tasks
– The expertise that has gone into the making of ColorsKit has placed much emphasis on sparking children’s imagination
– A free trial of the program lets school authorities carefully weigh the merits against the drawbacks, so they can take an informed decision on whether or not to implement it